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About Neuteq Group

Set up in 2005 along with our superfinishing company, we have gone from strength to strength and have amassed a wealth of cross industry knowledge in automation with high precision.   We have extensive experience in designing and installing turnkey projects for the automated assembly/test of products in the engineering field.  

Working within a strategic group partners network, we provide a high level of expertise for each chosen product or application.  The key to success of automated solutions starts with product knowledge and engaging with the customers' needs at the earliest opportunity.  By having strategic partners who are specialists within their field, we are well positioned to meet your needs.  

With proven techniques, backed up with robust product lines, this gives the Neuteq Group a strong position within the industry to offer the correct solution for your business. 

Not only do we provide the expertise, but also the confidence that each product will have the complete backup and on-going support required.  Within the Neuteq Group we have an established history for assembly and test of the entire range of applications for both high and low volume production.  

Looking for a partner, not just a supplier?  We are your complete turnkey solution provider.  We pride ourselves in customer care. 

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